Heightened Self Awareness

360° Feedback & Personality Trait Assessments

360° Feedback and Personality Trait Assessments can function as an unfreezing experience that enables coachees to see themselves differently and become more aware of how they affect others. It is our experience that a combination of personality & performance assessments yields the best results for assessing development and coaching needs. Using a combination of the 2 gives an indication not only of an individual’s past and potential performance, but also the innate reasons for behaviours and possibilities for adjustment.

360 ° Feedback

The 360° is a multirater instrument that addresses leadership effectiveness around 13-16 chosen competencies within 3 main categories : Leading the Organization, Leading Others, and Leading Self. It anonymously collects opinions online about an individuals performance from a wide range of coworkers including superiors, peers and subordinates. Leaders see their feedback data compared to a global norm group of over 1000 senior leaders.

Having a full picture of coachees’ current skills and perceived performance, from their own view and from the perspective of others, is crucial to helping them decide what goals they want to set. Ratings on essential leadership competencies provide the data necessary to help leaders address the way they are showing up in their professional and personal lives. They also can reveal the impact that individuals are having on the systems that surround them and create the motivation to change that impact in the interest of continuous improvement.

Workplace Big 5

The Workplace Big Five (WPB5) is a 5-factor model in which participants self-score themselves on 5 Supertraits : Need for Stability (N), Extraversion (E), Originality (O), Accomodation (A), and Consolidation (C). Each supertrait has 4-6 subtraits that are similarily scored within a range of the scale which represents a particular dimension of the personality. Answering the 107 questions online takes approximately 15 minutes.

Hogan – HPI, HDI, MVPI

Within this model, getting along with and progressing in our careers are seen as dominant themes in social life. The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) captures key behavioral tendencies relevant to these life themes. The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) identifies critical blind spots that can lead to career derailment. Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) describes personality from the inside – the core values, drivers and interests that determine what we desire and the principles on which we base decisions.

Influencing Style Indicator (ISI)

Today’s workplace is characterized by levels of change and complexity that are unprecedented. Good leadership involves influence that has a positive and unifying impact.

Influencing inherently means that we are able to impact the ideas, opinions and actions of others.  From the perspective of the ISI, influence is defined as ‘the interpersonal behaviors that we use to have a positive impact on another party’s choices’.  There are 5 main influencing styles:

  • Rationalizing : Putting forward ideas and offering logical, rational reasons to convince others of your point of view
  • Asserting : Insisting that your ideas are heard and considered. Challenging the ideas of others
  • Negotiating : Looking for compromises and making concessions to reach outcomes that satisfy your greatest interest.
  • Inspiring : Advocating one’s own position and encouraging others with a sense of shared mission and exciting possibilities.
  • Bridging : Building relationships and connecting with others through listening, understanding and building coalitions.

There is a right influencing style for every occasion. Discover your dominant influencing style and learn how to employ others effectively.