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Dana Lefeuvre, President & Lead Coach  imagesXWPW2RKR       

With 29 years experience in international business and strategic development consulting, I combine coaching and consulting methods to deliver tailor-made solutions which respond to each client’s unique needs.

Peak Performance Coach and Leadership Solutions Provider based in 4 continents since 1988, I focus my services on training and coaching executives in transition – whether it be integrating into a new culture, moving up the career ladder, or navigating global diversity and change in turbulent environments, I partner with leaders worldwide to discover their inner wisdom, step into their power and perform at their peak. This process helps uncover personal potential, create right goals, and trace efficient paths to achieving them.

For top-echelon leaders bound to confidentiality, coaching can provide a safe space to explore challenging issues. A sounding board and brainstorming partner, I present fresh perspectives and challenge you to think outside the box. The strength of this alliance is designed to empower you to a heightened state of awareness which will help you break through barriers and perform at your peak.

I started my international business career working from the United States and Europe in 1988. Throughout the journey from Marketing Executive to Strategic Development Consultant to Leadership Coach, I have had the priviledge of evolving through diverse professions such as Marketing Manager in an export company to Latin America and Southeast Asia, Swaps trader for a European money market broker, Community Liaison Officer for the State Department in Angola, Africa and Economic Expert with AETS, a French Management Consultancy. These experiences have provided a broad view of business and economic issues spanning 5 continents. Over the past 11 years, I have been consulting and coaching on strategic development and cross-cultural issues to companies wishing to expand in Europe and Southeast Asia, and leaders working through transitions in both corporate and private business environments. Major benefits to organizations and individuals include clarification of goals, alignment of personal values to corporate core beliefs, rapid achievement of objectives, refined performance, and improved strategic results.

Leadership & Executive Coach

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Associate Coach, Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) Trained

Culture Mastery Certified Coach, Global Coach Center

Expert Executive Coaching Group Discussion Leader for ICA

MBA-International Business, European School of Management (EAP), Paris

BBA-Marketing & Sales, University of Wisconsin