A Partnership to Perform at Your Peak!

Looking for individual leadership growth, enhanced team collaboration, greater cultural alignment to smooth Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), or integration into a new geographical location? Programs are custom designed to respond to the unique needs of each organisation and its leaders.

1 360 Feedback Coaching 

Heightened awareness is created through feedback collected from selected observers who surround you. Supervisors, peers, and direct reports answer questions concerning your performance on 16 leadership competencies. In a co-creative relationship, your coach helps interpret the data, you provide the context and together you proceed to create goals which will help you become more efficient in your job.  As a result, your potential is attained much quicker than going it alone.

2 One-on-One Executive Coaching

Values & Vision are the roots of every leader and the crux of outstanding leadership. Identify your foremost strengths, development areas, and top values in a journey of intensive self discovery and acquisition of emotionally intelligent leadership skills. This partnership to perform at your peak is composed of coaching sessions which employ active listening, powerful questioning and proven models to generate insights, self-awareness and behavioural change. These changes not only accelerate the leader’s development, but also have a trickle down effect into his/her team. Individual benefits include heightened self-awareness, improved executive presence, more effective delegation, enhanced negotiation skills, and a more systemic approach. Organisational benefits include increased ROI and employee retention.

3 Senior Leadership Team Coaching

Improve collaboration, coordination and engagement within your management team. Trust is increased to generate healthy debate which will increase speed of strategic development and decision making. Take an inventory and establish benchmarks for team practices in 3 key leadership domaines: planning, organisation and execution. A team assessment is often employed to determine a baseline for development which is aligned with individual development priorities to help the team co-create best practices appropriate to their organization. The coaching process is backed by team assessments and tools and to help executive teams and the organisation overall achieve higher performance.

4 The Art of Influencing 

Today’s workplace is characterised by levels of change and complexity what are unprecedented. Good leadership involves influence and persuasion which have a positive unifying impact. Influencing inherently means that we are able to impact the ideas, opinions and actions of others. Identify your preferred influencing style, learn how to use it as well as other styles effectively depending on the situation at hand.

5 DiG Gaming

The DiG business simulation emphasises the importance of Client Discovery and Innovation as motors for Growth. All decisions – from those involving strategy and conception to deployment – are taken in a safe, team setting which engenders advanced learning. The time pressure to increase earnings and performance pushes the teams out of their comfort zones into innovative thinking. Outcomes include heightened awareness of client centricity, innovation, and agile team collaboration.

6 Culture Mastery Coaching & Training

Looking to integrate into a new culture or create a new corporate one? Identify and discover worlds using interactive techniques. Awareness of self preferences and those of others in relation to major cultural dimensions facilitates Cultural Emotional Intelligence in both personal & professional arenas. Origins, basis for inter-relational behaviors & communication are examined and applied to real business scenarios. The result is more effective and empathetic communications which lead to more efficient performance. Applicable at the organisational, team or individual level. Excellent for use in M&A’s or joint ventures to enhance mutual understanding of corporate cultures, values, and create common basis for working together.

Programs are supported by proven leadership assessments, models and tools.

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