Dana – thank you for your coaching…it was very helpful for our team. We had reached a deadlock and your coaching resolved the whole problem. Now we have re-started and the project looks very promising…Thanks again.’ Deputy General Manager. Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi (BTMU)

‘Through the LDP training made at the Center for Creative Leadership in Brussels, I had my coaching sessions with Dana. Her listening skills, well organized methodology & feedback along with her communicative energy were impressive and lead to very good insights and clear actions for my personal development. The specific exercises we did were a very good help. I strongly recommend Dana as a coach.’ Jean-René Videgla, Global Purchasing Manager, Federal Mogul, Belgium

I believe no matter how successful a person is, we always need a coach to remind us, challenge us and encourage us to move forward. I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with Dana as my coach in our company’s leadership coaching program for senior management staff. Dana’s professionalism and friendly approach created an environment where we can share freely with trust. Throughout my 12 coaching sessions, I managed to identify things that needed to be improved in order for me to be a more effective leader in the workplace and able to achieve a balance between work and family life. Dana is a great coach and I really enjoyed our coaching sessions.’ Lau Kim Swee, Senior Vice President. Sarawak Energy Berhad, Malaysia

Dana brings to bear her intuitive and native intellect, combined with her vast experience as one of the pioneers in coaching in multiple countries and cultures, has carved out her unique niche as an Organizational Development Mentor and Diversity Navigator. She has helped many in their journey, including guiding and mentoring me on my coaching path. She is extremely focussed on delivering value to both the organization and the coachee. I have found that she gets energized in the process and this is communicated to the coachee who consequently takes responsibility and achieves the desired results.Al Alagappan, COO, Iclif Leadership Centre

I never thought these 1-hour phone calls could be so productive. They have helped so much in crystalizing ideas that were floating around in my head and otherwise would have been lost. Now I have a plan with specific actions I can act on to the betterment of my own self productivity and the company’s overall development.’ Financial Manager. Murphy Oil Corporation, Malaysia

Dana’s able to handle difficult session, guiding us with the right questions without ever “removing the nail”. She was able to drive discussion such that each of us was able to identify our strengths and areas to work on. Very effective and excellent coach. ‘ Senior Vice President. Maybank, Malaysia

‘As the former CEO of Aalberts Industries Material Technologies, Spain, my initial fear was that an increasing work load would overtake my life – to the detriment of other essential elements. Coaching with Dana helped me design structures to manage precious time and keep my life in balance. Relationships with my family have improved, my health is on the upswing, and my professional performance is better than ever. The energy and direction provided in our sessions still motivate me today.’ Carlos Guiteras Mestres. Entrepreneur Spain

‘Personable and professional. Delivers message with candor and care.’ Siti Aishah Md Lassim, CHRO. 1MDB, Malaysia

 Dana clearly brought added-value and insights to my challenges and to understanding of my work relationships (boss, direct reports, etc…). She had thoroughly prepared and analyzed my assessments. She listened to me carefully and managed to bring very powerful insights to improve my understanding of my boss’ needs and my leadership style. I am looking forward to the follow-up sessions.’ Director, Japan Tobacco International, Switzerland

With the new strategy co-created with Dana to empower the team, I implemented the actions of letting them take the lead and spent most of my time listening, restructuring tasks, and giving the required authorization to take decisions without the need to refer to me.  I was not believing the results in this very short time, my team astonished me with their ability to judge critical situations and take some important decisions.Director ELM, Saudi Arabia

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