Techniques d’Influence

Influencing Style Indicator (ISI)

Today’s workplace is characterized by levels of change and complexity that are unprecedented. Good leadership involves influence that has a positive and unifying impact.

Influencing inherently means that we are able to impact the ideas, opinions and actions of others.  From the perspective of the ISI, influence is defined as ‘the interpersonal behaviors that we use to have a positive impact on another party’s choices’.  There are 5 main influencing styles:

  • Rationalizing : Putting forward ideas and offering logical, rational reasons to convince others of your point of view
  • Asserting : Insisting that your ideas are heard and considered. Challenging the ideas of others
  • Negotiating : Looking for compromises and making concessions to reach outcomes that satisfy your greatest interest.
  • Inspiring : Advocating one’s own position and encouraging others with a sense of shared mission and exciting possibilities.
  • Bridging : Building relationships and connecting with others through listening, understanding and building coalitions.

There is a right influencing style for every occasion. 

Discover your dominant influencing style and learn how to employ others effectively.

Quel est votre technique d’influence préférée? Contactez-nous pour discuter l’application du modèle ISI dans votre entreprise.