Plus de Témoignages

Highly qualified coach, extremely mature and professional in approach. Patient.’  Director Strategy. Malaysian National Mortgage Company

‘Very professional. Provided guidance to the group at the right and appropriate time. Encouraged and gave good coaching feedback.’ Team Manager. Malaysian Petroleum Company

‘Very open and approachable. Goes the extra mile to help out. Leads the discussion well.’  Risk Manager. Worldwide Banking Organization

‘Guided us well to articulate our ideas and asked good questions during the coaching sessions throughout the week.’  CHRO. Malaysian GLC

‘ Subject matter expert. Very patient with us, has the knack of saying the right thing at the right time.’  Chief Economist. Malaysian Banking Group

With her good personality, Dana was able to facilitate our group coaching sessions so that we were more open and willing to change our mindset. She kept us on track and moved us forward to produce good results.’  Service Director . Indonesian Multi-sector Conglomerate

I never thought these 1-hour phone calls could be so productive. They have helped so much in crystalizing ideas that were floating around in my head and otherwise would have been lost. Now I have a plan with specific actions I can act on to the betterment of my own self productivity and the company’s overall development.’  Financial Manager. Murphy Oil Corporation

It is great to take the time out and reflect during this busy transition. The on-going support helps me develop plans for tackling stressful situations.’  Senior Subsurface Manager SE Asia. Global Petroleum Company

Dana is an expert in preparing presentations. She knows how to empower people.’  Vice President – Business Development. Indonesian Multi-Sector Conglomerate

Always feel great after coaching with Dana. The sessions provide relevant insights to strategic planning and development.’  General Manager – Shared Services. Malaysian Power Generation Company

Very useful training on Navigating Diversity in Malaysia. Fruitful coaching session.’  Regional Sales Manager – SE Asia Pacific. Global Industrial Manufacturing Corporation

Professional, objective, productive and excellent. ‘  Senior Leader – ICT Division. Malaysian Petroleum Company

Dana’s able to handle difficult session, guiding us with the right questions without ever “removing the nail”. She was able to drive discussion such that each of us was able to identify our strengths and areas to work on. Very effective and excellent coach. ‘  Senior Vice President. Maybank

Dana asks questions that make you think about how you could set goals that are appropriate and how to measure your success. A very good approach!’  Subsurface Manager. Asian Division of Global Petroleum Company 

Thank you for your warm-hearted coaching. It produced great insights which will help me very much. I deeply appreciate it.’  Deputy General Manager. Japanese Banking Corporation

Great experience with Master Coach! I sincerely thank you for your support and guidance, it was indeed a pleasure for us to have an executive coach who can understand us at the beginning of our group project – great comfort and time we spent.’  Assistant General Manager. Japanese Banking Corporation

Dana is a professional coach. She listens and seeks feedback. I had a good learning experience under her guidance.’  Assistant General Manager. Japanese Banking Corporation

Dana is good at coaching and able to lead the team well.’  Executive Vice President. Japanese Banking Corporation

I had a good session with Dana. She provided me with useful observations and insights.’  Executive Vice President – Asian Banking Division. Japanese Banking Corporation

With Dana’s guidance, I understand FIRO-B a lot better.’  Deputy General Manager. Japanese Banking Corporation

Dana did a thorough understanding of my profile prior to the coaching. She helped me establish the links between different assessments, how my strengths can be put to good use in improving relationships with bosses and direct reports, and how to turn weaknesses into positive energies.’  Director. Singapore Government-Linked Organization

Excellent self-learning programme with systematic coaching.’ Vice President – Distribution. Malaysian Energy Company

Challenges you to improve yourself by identifying relevant development areas which will make a difference.’ General Manager. Malaysian Energy Company

Partnering with Dana has guided me to the right path so that I can better manage myself.’ Vice President – Retail. Malaysian Energy Company

Very engaging and insightful.’ General Manager – Commercial & Procurement . Global Petroleum Company

‘Dana was well-prepared for the session, had a plan, kept time well, listened to what I said and challenged me on my thoughts.’ HSSE Manager. Global Petroleum Company

When I was first introduced to the idea of utilizing an executive coach, I wasn’t really sure what to expect or what benefits I would get from it. However, after working with Dana over the course of several months, she really impressed me with her fabulous leadership. I was able to better understand my personal strengths and opportunities and put together a game plan to make improvements in my professional and personal life. Dana’s organized approach and feedback enabled me to realize my potential and put together a very targeted approach to reach my goals. Dana was also instrumental in working with my peers toward a common set of goals. Today, I consider her a great friend and someone that I know that I can rely on for excellent advice in tough situations. I strongly recommend Dana for any coaching programs that she has to offer – she is really outstanding!” Shyama Sukumaran, General Manager. Value Management. MAXIS Telecommunications

Personable and professional. Delivers message with candor and care.” Chief Human Resources Officer. National Development Organization, Malaysia

I was impressed by Dana’s energy and her professionalism in managing  the session. I highly recommend her for her efficiency in motivating executives and helping them achieve their goals.’ President and General Manager. IESIS

In life you are never alone and you should never be alone. In my personal endeavor to become a better person and better leader at work, I was fortunate to have engaged a professional coach like Dana. She provides sound advice and helped me develop my life compass. Through her coaching techniques, I have learnt to be more aware of my leadership style and gaps. This awareness helped me to prioritize and develop a plan to work on the gaps. Dana is a solid, reliable and effective coach who I would strongly recommend to any executive who wants to challenge themselves to up their ante in the corporate game. Thank you so much for everything.’ Head of Regional Sales & Services. Leading Telecommunications Company, Malaysia

Dana is a fabulous coach who has greatly assisted me in the process of self-discovery. Our coaching sessions helped build awareness around my unique abilities and true north. A good overall coaching approach with the right balance of support and challenge to build a trusting relationship and speed results.’ Head of Research. Government-linked National Development Organisation

We are achieving right goals in record time. Coaching with Dana has our executives flying and we are increasing profits in the process. Thank you!’ General Manager. Leading ICT Company, Malaysia

I don’t know how much they’re paying her, but it’s not enough!’ General Manager. Leading ICT Company, Malaysia

Dana is a great coach, who has also become a friend. I find it fascinating that our executive coaching sessions seem to be a combination of friendly chat and laboratory research, where she plays the role of scientist and I play the role of the lab rat! Overall she has a good coaching approach to assisting her clients’ self discovery.’Director. National Development Organisation

Dana is an excellent coach for senior level managers. I recommend her to anyone who wants to quickly advance their business or career.General Manager. Teleco Corporation, Malaysia

“Having recently been promoted to an executive position within an international brokerage firm, I would like to thank Dana for partnering with me to achieve this goal with ease. Structures established during our coaching sessions have helped me move into a space of calmness, presence and confidence in this new, more strategic role. It is amazing what minor adjustments have done to deepen professional relationships, increase confidence and effectiveness, and enhance the performance in both myself and my team.” Debra Ruick. Director, Global Financial Institution (Former Vice President at Fidelity Investments)

Dana’s commitment to moving me forward could be felt in every session through her attentive listening, energy and excitement that were reflected back with relevant perspectives. As a result of our coaching sessions, I have been able to make critical decisions and carry out pivotal actions with conviction. I recommend Dana without hesitation.” Somyot Chairat, Managing Director. Publicis Thailand

“As the former CEO of Aalberts Industries Material Technologies, Spain, my initial fear was that an increasing work load would overtake my life – to the detriment of other essential elements. Coaching with Dana helped me design structures to manage precious time and keep my life in balance. Relationships with my family have improved, my health is on the upswing, and my professional performance is better than ever. The energy and direction provided in our sessions still motivate me today.” Carlos Guiteras Mestres, Entrepreneur

“Dana builds a good rapport with a trusting and comfortable space.  She is a very good listener, behaves professionally, is goal-oriented and delivers accountability. Dana knows how to find the right balance between pushing the client forward towards his goals and holding the relationship. This ability is in my opinion the most prominent strength of Dana as a coach.”  CEO, Global IT Firm

“Coaching is a special time every week for a manager to think, improve and monitor their work and behavior. Dana is involved and discerning – thanks to coaching with her I am continuously discovering my own style of leadership and effectively implementing it.” Anais Maro. Director, Alliance Francaise Brunei

“Having recently left my previous professional position to relocate to Brunei with my husband, I was considering starting a Masters degree in Anthropology. At the time, I was not confident in my ability to manage the research – I could only see obstacles and potential problems.Through coaching with Dana, I discovered that there was a solution to each issue. Instead of focusing on problems, we concentrated on my strengths and drew up a schedule in terms of goals, priorities and actions. I even identified and was energized to achieve related goals which were important to me at that time.” Charlotte Webster, Global Journalist. Anthropology Masters Candidate

“I have greatly benefitted from this career coaching program. Identifying my values and strengths has been invaluable in energizing me and helping to orient my career in the right direction. Coaching with Dana has opened doors in my head that I didn’t know existed. New perspectives have been presented and a host of options and opportunities have emerged – both for the long-run and short-term. Thank you!” Sukan Jaruyothin. Entrepreneur

“Partnering with Dana has been an amazing experience. She helped me transform the vision of my business into reality using techniques that were appropriate to my learning style. Dana pushed me outside my comfort zone and I now realize that moving through the fear and telling my story will serve a higher good – to motivate others to be the best that they can be no matter what. The acknowledgement, courage, and strength provided during our coaching sessions have generated enormous personal growth and enabled me to perform at my peak.” Kari Kelley. Inspirational Singer & Speaker. Author of “Black, Blind & Female”

“Although I didn’t have a specific goal at the beginning of our coaching relationship, it quickly became evident that working on developing my interpersonal skills would be beneficial.

Not only did coaching with Dana help improve my communication with others, but it also helped uncover some underlying beliefs and self-imposed limitations which were holding me back from leading a fulfilling life.

My eyes were opened to professional opportunities that were staring me in the face. The process has given me the courage to listen to my inner wisdom, the clarity to design an efficient path to my ultimate goals, and the confidence to execute right actions with conviction.” Sylvie Robles

‘Personable and professional. Delivers message with candor and care.’ Siti Aishah Md Lassim, CHRO, 1MDB