Collective Intelligence at its Best !

Professional Co-Development is a type of group coaching in which participants learn from each other and consolidate their practice. It involves a structured consultation exercise to explore issues currently encountered by the participants.

During the sessions, participants take turns to act as the client and discuss an area of their practice that they want to improve. The other participants act as consultants, helping the the client to improve their understanding and capacity to act.

The process brings together a small group of leaders (5-8), each identifying a Key Challenge which they would like to discuss with other leaders in order to develop innovative solutions which are generated by the collective intelligence of the group. The principles of trust, mutual support, respect and confidentiality govern the process.

Co-Development was pioneered by Payette & Champagne in 1997. The reflection which occurs in these groups, individual and collective, is generated through a structured facilitative process of speaking, listening, and reflection to incite new action.

GPS ensures this process with a certified coach-facilitator holding the space for collective intelligence to emerge.  This confidential process leverages the knowledge of HR professionals across various sectors. It draws upon each participant’s experience and creativity in order to help the client approach their roles, circle of influence, and default modes of action/behavior in different ways.

3 Roles

  1. The ‘client’ brings an issue or project which they wish to get help on reflecting, exploring, generating new ideas and different perspectives. The client changes during each session.

  2. The ‘consultants’ are made up of the other participants in the group. They contribute their experiences, perspectives, ideas, suggestions and feelings in relation to the client’s request.

  3. The ‘facilitator’ guides the group throughout the entire process. They are attentive to the process and content of the session, stimulate interactions between the different members of the group and assure the ICF code of ethics :