Executive Coaching

Executives in Transition

Rising to the next level of leadership often requires a new set of skills. Whether you are moving up the career ladder and assuming new responsibilities or transferring to a new geographical region presenting a completely different paradigm, we support you to develop the skills you need to be rapidly effective and thrive in your new corporate environment.

Lau Kim Swee, CEO Sesco, SEB & Dana Lefeuvre.

Executive Coaching provides a safe space to discuss those issues that really matter. Behind closed doors, active listening and powerful questioning will stimulate your thinking to develop innovative solutions. We help you set the objectives and determine the actions that are most pertinent for your personal and professional growth. We debrief and hold you accountable to them so you can move forward with confidence and grace until you have achieved them.

From the C-suite to senior managers, to high potentials and emerging leaders, we accompany you through the journey to becoming the best you can be.

Coaching the C-suite

We know that leading from the top can present a special set of challenges. Creating and communicating that vision to lead your organization forward, developing the company’s short- and long-term strategy, dealing with demands from the board, and making those major corporate decisions are high-stake responsibilities. An external leadership coach serves as an essential sparring partner to discuss these critical issues in a private space.

I believe no matter how successful a person is, we always need a coach to remind us, challenge us and encourage us to move forward. I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with Dana as my coach in our company’s leadership coaching program for senior management staff. Dana’s professionalism and friendly approach created an environment where we can share freely with trust. Throughout my 12 coaching sessions, I managed to identify things that needed to be improved in order for me to be a more effective leader in the workplace and able to achieve a balance between work and family life. Dana is a great coach and I really enjoyed our coaching sessions.

Lau Kim Swee, CEO Sesco

Senior Leaders

Senior managers are often responsible for developing, getting buy-in and obtaining engagement from their teams. How do you create the trust necessary for everyone to feel at ease to express their opinions? How do you make sure that all voices are heard so that your teams are truly committed to the actions they have said they would undertake? How do you draw out that collective intelligence necessary to propel your teams forward to operating at optimal levels? Your coach will help stimulate your thinking so that all of the above is accomplished with ease to the benefit of your organization.

I have had the luxury to be coached by Dana during various sessions recently, as part of my Adaptive Leadership program. Her coaching style, supported with her competencies, triggered a lot of new thoughts and learnings with me, which I am able to use in my daily work and life in a broader sense. I see (and other people do recognise similar) the difference in the way I interact with people to the benefit of the relation and to the success of the company.  Dana shows a deep interest in what is driving you and aims to find out how to become more effective by asking the right questions and from that providing you with different insights. This is certainly what I have experienced. She does this in a pleasant way and is able to connect and switch easily between various theoretic models and how to apply these practically.  A Great and Effective Experience and thanks again Dana for the lessons learned and time spent together. For sure I will recommend you to many others as well!

Winfried Jansen, General Manager International Business at Philips HealthTech

High Potentials & Emerging Leaders

What an honor to have been designated as someone to lead the company forward in the future. What a privilege to be granted the opportunity to develop the necessary skills before bad habits become instilled. Your coach will help you set relevant objectives and identify those new actions needed for you to flourish as you move forward to achieve them. In all our coaching programs, we support you to determine what you want and why it’s important to you; we guide, challenge, encourage, support, and stimulate your thinking around what you are willing to do and whom you need to become to get it; and then, with your permission, we keep you accountable until you have achieved it.

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