Dana est une professionnelle à l’écoute, disponible et compétente dans la mise en place de Team Building pour des équipes Multi-culturelles.‘ Guillaume Sarrazin, Co-founder IMC-COACHING

Novembre 2018.

I have had the luxury to be coached by Dana during various sessions recently, as part of my Adaptive Leadership program. Her coaching style, supported with her competencies, triggered a lot of new thoughts and learnings with me, which I am able to use in my daily work and life in a broader sense. I see (and other people do recognise similar) the difference in the way I interact with people to the benefit of the relation and to the success of the company.

Dana shows a deep interest in what is driving you and aims to find out how to become more effective by asking the right questions and from that providing you with different insights. This is certainly what I have experienced. She does this in a pleasant way and is able to connect and switch easily between various theoretic models and how to apply these practically.

A Great and Effective Experience and thanks again Dana for the lessons learned and time spent together. For sure I will recommend you (like I am doing already) to many others as well!’  Winfried Jansen , General Manager International Business, Philips HealthTech

September 2018.

I was fortunate to have worked with Dana as my Professional Coach as part of PMI’s Leadership Institute Master Class. Her tips, open discussion about modern day challenges, leadership requirements and investment of time in developing my personal leadership and communication skills along with the encouragement she provided to me were invaluable.

Dana is a great coach, a genuine listener and generous with her time, knowledge and insight. I thoroughly enjoyed how she challenged me and how we reviewed a past event and were able to plan and get the desired outcome by adapting a different style of communication. She is delightful to work with and I recommend her highly for Executive coaching.’ Karan Bagga, Board Director, PMI

September 2018.

Dana is an excellent Coach! She makes you relax and eases you into the process. She is also very perceptive of your situation and sensitive to your individual situation. I have thoroughly enjoyed the 2 coaching sessions I had with her as part of my 360 Feedback. She has helped me identify which areas I need to concentrate on to improve. At the same time she has helped me identify my strengths and be confident with them.

I truly recommend Dana as a Coach and appreciate her spending this time with me.’ Stephanie Jaeger, PMP LIMC

July 2018.

‘Dana is very perceptive, and knows exactly which questions to ask. She has the ability to cut through my nebulous thoughts and ideas, providing clarity and direction for moving forward with my professional and personal goals.’ Sarah McNabb Snyder, Yoga Instructor

June 2018.

‘Excellent coach! Dana helped me uncover my blind spots…and provided guidance how to successfully move forward. Definitely recommended experience supported with kind and open discussion:) Big thank you Dana!’ Agata Czopek, PMP Digital & Learning, Deloitte

June 2018.

I met Dana at the “Emerging Talent Development Center” held for us by my company through Heidrick & Struggles in Paris. I was very lucky and had Dana as my coach during the 2 days program. Dana is the best! she gave me a different point of view and with her help I was able to recognize where I could improve myself. One of my main areas of concern was how to better influence people without being too nice or too hard on them. She totally opened my eyes on this, as the old adage goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it!”. I would gladly recommend Dana to organizations and/or leadership professionals seeking professional coaching.’ Ali Julazadeh, Sales Engineer, Mersen

June 2018.

Dana is a top experienced coach with strong empathy and deep understanding of working relationships. It’s a real asset to have her as coach thanks to her excellent advice in all situations.I recommend anyone willing improve her/his performance to work with Dana.’  Bernard Gilmont, Director Engineered Products, European Aluminium

March 2018.

Merci Dana pour ces sessions de coaching qui m’ont permis de prendre du recul, analyser ma situation professionnelle et préparer l’angle de tire. Ses techniques de coaching ont été très positives puisqu’au final, je suis parvenue à mes fins. Je suis très reconnaissante vis à vis de Dana qui m’a aidée dans une situation qui semblait inextriquable. Aujourd’hui, je me sens réellement accomplie, enthousiaste dans ma nouvelle fonction avec de belles perspectives avenir!’ Marjolaine Colas des Francs, Insurance Coordinator, Technip

Février 2018.

Even a coach needs a coach…

As a financial executive and life coach, I have collected models, methods and tools to effectively partner with clients. But when the coach is the client, it is difficult to allow your vulnerability to be examined. Dana is masterful in creating an environment of support, intellectual curiosity, authentic caring yet the firmness to hold accountability and forward movement. Results… Lightness of heart, excitement for the possibilities and FUN is now a daily feeling vs. an occasional event!’ Deb Ruick, Managing Director, Merrill Edge

February 2018.

J’ai eu l’occasion de faire intervenir Dana Lefeuvre au sein de notre dispositif Digital Cocoon où elle a co-animé avec Colin Kramer une session du jeu DIG (leadership game). La qualité de son animation et de son approche des compétences développées dans le cadre de cette journée, a été très bénéfique pour nos 17 stagiaires. Je recommande chaleureusement son expertise et ses qualités humaines.’ Corinne Bocher, Ingénieur Formation, Digital Cocoon

Décembre 2017.

Dana is currently just the right mentor to me: keen on identifying concrete levers to improve my social awareness and relationship even more, giving the best inputs on leadership tools, helping to build reflexes on a daily basis. After 2 discussions, I am already benefiting from my moments with her, and can’t wait for the next one.’ Audrey Mermet, Senior Manager, Corporate & Operational Strategy / Innovation, Disneyland Paris

November 2017. 

Through the LDP training made at the Center for Creative Leadership in Brussels, I had my coaching sessions with Dana. Her listening skills, well organized methodology & feedback along with her communicative energy were impressive and lead to very good insights and clear actions for my personal development. Some of the specific exercises we did were a very good help. I strongly recommend Dana as a coach.’ Jean-René Videgla, Purchasing Manager at Federal-Mogul Corporation

January 2017.

Dana is a brillant and experienced coach. During the session I had with her, she pointed out precisely my personality, and helped me to build my improvement plan. I would be glad to work with her again ! ‘ Benoit Lassalle, Service Manager at TOTAL

July 2017.

Thanks to Dana’s coaching , I was able to identify key areas to work on in order to further develop my leadership skills. I now have a better understanding of the perception that others may have of my personality, and how to improve it.’ Gregory Mantes, Cost Controller at Total Marketing & Services

September 2017.

It was a pleasure working with Dana during an evaluation/consultation session, thanks to her rich experience and warm personality! I would gladly recommend Dana to organisations/professionals seeking for effective coaching in leadership.’ Carol Tay, Commercial Image & Brand Development , TOTAL.

October 2017.

I had a relationship coaching with session which was very impactful in helping me understand the perspective of my good friend, mentor and colleague. The exercises were powerful and very engaging to help me think without being intrusive or stressful. Dana was a great coach – listening and providing insights to steer the conversation.’ Jane Bartosik, Head of Merrill Edge Client Experience & Communications

August 2016.

Dana est mon mentor coach depuis plus d’un an, elle me soutient et m’accompagne dans l’accomplissement de mes objectifs et je lui en suis très reconnaissante. Travailler avec Dana m’a permis de développer mon activité de coach, d’être équipée d’outils de coaching que j’utilise avec mes clients et de trouver des solutions face aux défis rencontrés en chemin. Je recommande vivement Dana à toute personne qui voudrait travailler avec un coach qui sait s’adapter à ses clients, utilisant une méthode et des outils efficaces et adaptés à la réalité du monde de l’entreprise.’ Marie Lenail-Chouteau, Talent Management, HR Manager@Total

Octobre 2015.

It was great to work with Dana, she has an art to to understand her clients requirement and has the solution for that. Great coach.’ Haseeb Saied, Assistant General Manager, BTMU

September 2014.

Dana is an extremely energetic professional who makes things happen. She was instrumental in bringing a relatively new assessment tool, Workplace Big Five Profile, into Malaysia and made a success of it with her clients. She has a great appetite to try new solutions and an admirable learning agility.’ George T K Quek, Leadership & Development Professional

September 2014.

I know Dana as someone who is open, curious to explore and willing to take on challenges. Her management consulting background coupled with her unique coaching style, help grow leaders to maximize their potential to surpass targets. As Dana works primarily with C-suite and other senior leaders in transition across multiple nationalities and geographical locations, she offers the space in her unique ‘ACTIVATE Your Power’ coaching model, a building of your strengths to drive growth that is aligned to your vision and values. I highly recommend working with Dana.’ Joseph Tay, Coach, Counselor, Facilitator

September 2014.

With her personable approach, Dana created a trusting space where our team opened its mind and was willing to change. She helped us sharpen the saw and generate good results.’ Hendro Sugito, SVP – PT SMART, Sinarmas

October 2014.

When I was first introduced to the idea of utilizing an executive coach, I wasn’t really sure what to expect or what benefits I would get from it. However, after working with Dana over the course of several months, she really impressed me with her fabulous leadership. I was able to better understand my personal strengths and opportunities and put together a game plan to make improvements in my professional and personal life. Dana’s organized approach and feedback enabled me to realize my potential and put together a very targeted approach to reach my goals. Dana was also instrumental in working with my peers toward a common set of goals. Today, I consider her a great friend and someone that I know that I can rely on for excellent advice on tough situations. I strongly recommend Dana for any coaching programs that she has to offer – she is really outstanding!’ Shyama Sukumaran, Director, Maxis Telecommunications

August 2013.

Personable and professional. Delivers message with care and candor.’ Siti Aishah Md Lassim, CHRO, 1MDB

August 2013.

Dana recognizes strengths in all people and can channel those strengths to help people achieve their most efficient levels. She is able to put structure into any program or objective to help achieve optimum results. This may include resetting expectations and zooming in-and-out to micro- and macro-level viewpoints. Dana has unique insight into what motivates people and what makes them happiest.

Personally, Dana helped me refocus my efforts into a more financially rewarding and definitely more fulfilling career path, while pushing me to keep the balance in my life. Years after our initial meeting, I continue to refer to Dana again and again and highly endorse her.’ Rob Schaefer, Master Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle

November 2011.

I had the pleasure and honor to meet Dana during our MBA studies. Dana is a professional who is energetic, active and has excellent communication skills with people.’ Michelle Wen, EVP Global Purchasing, EXCO, Groupe PSA

November 2011.

Dana’s commitment to moving me forward could be felt in every session through her attentive listening and energy which were reflected back with relevant perspectives. As a result of our coaching sessions, I have been able to make critical decisions and carry out pivotal actions with conviction. I recommend Dana without hesitation.’ Somyot Chairat, General Manager, Publicis

November 2011.

Partnering with Dana has been an amazing experience. She helped me transform the vision of my business into reality using techniques that were appropriate to my learning style. Dana pushed me outside my comfort zone and I now realize that moving through the fear and telling my story will serve a higher good – to motivate others to be the best that they can be no matter what. The acknowledgement, courage, and strength provided in the sessions with Dana have generated enormous personal growth and enabled me to perform at my peak.’ Kari Kelley, Bestselling author, vocalist & performer

December 2011.

Dana provided much needed community services to Mission employees and families at the U.S. Embassy in Luanda, Angola during our time together there. Luanda was (and still is) a very difficult place to live, especially as a member of the expat community. Dana was very active in helping new arrivals navigate and integrate the new culture by providing cross-cultural integration workshops, orientation projects, and confidential coaching services. Luanda was my first overseas assignment and Dana helped to make it a positive experience.’ Lori Enders, Office Manager at U.S. Department of State

December 2011.

Dana – thank you for your coaching…it was very helpful for our team. We had reached a deadlock and your coaching resolved the whole problem. Now we have re-started and the project looks very promising…Thanks again.’ Deputy General Manager. Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi (BTMU)

‘Through the LDP training made at the Center for Creative Leadership in Brussels, I had my coaching sessions with Dana. Her listening skills, well organized methodology & feedback along with her communicative energy were impressive and lead to very good insights and clear actions for my personal development. The specific exercises we did were a very good help. I strongly recommend Dana as a coach.’ Jean-René Videgla, Global Purchasing Manager, Federal Mogul, Belgium

I believe no matter how successful a person is, we always need a coach to remind us, challenge us and encourage us to move forward. I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with Dana as my coach in our company’s leadership coaching program for senior management staff. Dana’s professionalism and friendly approach created an environment where we can share freely with trust. Throughout my 12 coaching sessions, I managed to identify things that needed to be improved in order for me to be a more effective leader in the workplace and able to achieve a balance between work and family life. Dana is a great coach and I really enjoyed our coaching sessions.’ Lau Kim Swee, Senior Vice President. Sarawak Energy Berhad, Malaysia

Dana brings to bear her intuitive and native intellect, combined with her vast experience as one of the pioneers in coaching in multiple countries and cultures, has carved out her unique niche as an Organizational Development Mentor and Diversity Navigator. She has helped many in their journey, including guiding and mentoring me on my coaching path. She is extremely focussed on delivering value to both the organization and the coachee. I have found that she gets energized in the process and this is communicated to the coachee who consequently takes responsibility and achieves the desired results.Al Alagappan, COO, Iclif Leadership Centre

I never thought these 1-hour phone calls could be so productive. They have helped so much in crystalizing ideas that were floating around in my head and otherwise would have been lost. Now I have a plan with specific actions I can act on to the betterment of my own self productivity and the company’s overall development.’ Financial Manager. Murphy Oil Corporation, Malaysia

Dana’s able to handle difficult session, guiding us with the right questions without ever “removing the nail”. She was able to drive discussion such that each of us was able to identify our strengths and areas to work on. Very effective and excellent coach. ‘ Senior Vice President. Maybank, Malaysia

‘As the former CEO of Aalberts Industries Material Technologies, Spain, my initial fear was that an increasing work load would overtake my life – to the detriment of other essential elements. Coaching with Dana helped me design structures to manage precious time and keep my life in balance. Relationships with my family have improved, my health is on the upswing, and my professional performance is better than ever. The energy and direction provided in our sessions still motivate me today.’ Carlos Guiteras Mestres. Entrepreneur Spain

‘Personable and professional. Delivers message with candor and care.’ Siti Aishah Md Lassim, CHRO. 1MDB, Malaysia

Dana clearly brought added-value and insights to my challenges and to understanding of my work relationships (boss, direct reports, etc…). She had thoroughly prepared and analyzed my assessments. She listened to me carefully and managed to bring very powerful insights to improve my understanding of my boss’ needs and my leadership style. I am looking forward to the follow-up sessions.’ Director, Japan Tobacco International, Switzerland

With the new strategy co-created with Dana to empower the team, I implemented the actions of letting them take the lead and spent most of my time listening, restructuring tasks, and giving the required authorization to take decisions without the need to refer to me.  I was not believing the results in this very short time, my team astonished me with their ability to judge critical situations and take some important decisions.Director ELM, Saudi Arabia

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