Virtual Vision Board

Take Stock of 2020 and Plan for 2021 !

What is a Vision Board ?

A vision board is a collection of images, quotes, photos, affirmations and mantras which help us attract what we want in our futures by looking at it regularly. Visually creating the future we want to have helps us access our right brain to open endless possibilities and opportunities.

How ?

By applying fun, creative, and collaborative tools, participants will be lead to reflect on the past and envision the future by:

  • Taking Stock of 2020
  • Acknowledging gifts in terms of knowledge acquired, key learnings, achievements and strengths which emerged throughout the year
  • Identifying what they would like to carry over into 2021
  • Reflecting on 5 Key Questions to define what else they want in 2021
  • Creating and Sharing their own personal vision boards


This workshop employs the following methodologies :

  • Icebreaker Inclusion
  • Team and Coaching Alliances
  • Individual Contemplation of 2020 by Quarters
  • Sharing of insights in breakouts
  • Plenary Debriefs
  • Energizers
  • Individual Vision Board Creation
  • Vision Board Presentations in Plenary

Expected Takeaways

Participants leave the workshop :

  • With pride in and acknowledgement of 2020 achievements
  • Heightened awareness of strengths grown and leveraged
  • A plan and motivation to face 2021 with a Positive Energy


GPS is known for its ability to increase performance by accessing strengths and emotions, and leveraging the power of positivity and collective intelligence. Our approach is customized to your team’s needs and has been described as extremely humaine.

Despite volatile and uncertain times, we have learned a lot in 2020. Celebrate your 2020 achievements and prepare to welcome 2021 in an empowering way !