Your Power Plan

Growing Professional Strengths


Make a Plan, ACTIVATE it !

To grow your professional strengths, you must first uncover your unique talents.  We will help you align your goals with your core values and beliefs to start down a customized path to success.

ACTIVATE is a proven methodology that helps you understand and wield your power like the leader you were born to be.  Awareness is its own reward.  Your confidence level, problem solving skills, and self-reliance will improve every day once you’ve identified and activated your power.

With heightened awareness, you can identify and neutralize the barriers that hold you back and keep you from maximizing your success.

We offer a safe and confidential space to explore your options and ACTIVATE your unique personal power.

Understand Your Power

You don’t need to acquire power. You already have it. But recognizing this power and wielding it effectively is what separates well-intentioned people from exceptional leaders.

  • What are your 3 main strengths and top 5 values?
  • How do you right-size objectives?
  • What essential criteria should be used to set and evolve your goals?
  • What structures are required to hold yourself accountable?

Your Unique Potential

Many professionals see themselves at the mercy of their organizations, but you don’t have to.  Your coach will help you clarify your values, identify your strengths, develop a solid plan, and focus on the real opportunities – allowing you to take control and put energy into your newfound direction.

How to apply this model ? Contact us to discuss the application  in your organization.