Winfried Jansen , General Manager International Business, Philips HealthTech

I have had the luxury to be coached by Dana during various sessions recently, as part of my Adaptive Leadership program. Her coaching style, supported with her competencies, triggered a lot of new thoughts and learnings with me, which I am able to use in my daily work and life in a broader sense. I see (and other people do recognise similar) the difference in the way I interact with people to the benefit of the relation and to the success of the company.

Dana shows a deep interest in what is driving you and aims to find out how to become more effective by asking the right questions and from that providing you with different insights. This is certainly what I have experienced. She does this in a pleasant way and is able to connect and switch easily between various theoretic models and how to apply these practically.

A Great and Effective Experience and thanks again Dana for the lessons learned and time spent together. For sure I will recommend you (like I am doing already) to many others as well!

September 2018